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Dr. Karin Wagstaff / Dr. Wagstaff’s Approach

Dr. Wagstaff’s Approach

As a naturopathic physician, I will consider you as a whole person and that’s where the name holistic medicine comes from.

Naturopathic medicine is a distinct primary health care profession. We emphasize prevention, treatment and optimal health through the use of therapeutic methods and substances. The practice of naturopathic medicine includes modern and traditional, scientific and empirical methods.

As a licensed physician, I treat you holistically; considering the whole person when developing a treatment plan. When we speak of the whole person we are talking about mind, body and spirit. One part of the person cannot be injured or sick without affecting the whole. When we experience stress, physical, mental, emotional or spiritual, it can affect us in a multitude of ways on a variety of levels. Treating the whole person is why naturopathic medicine excels in the 21st century.

I am both doctor and teacher. Helping you to become knowledgeable about lifestyle, nutrition and wellness I can empower you on your journey. I want to assist you in taking control of your own wellness. Many patients are already extremely proactive while others are taking their first steps to seek maximum wellness. Wherever you are on the continuum, we will work together to create a unique treatment plan that will be both effective and compatible for you. I am interested in consulting with you sick or well. In wellness we can work together in a proactive way to maintain and maximize health. When illness strikes, whether it is acute or chronic, I will work with you to help restore your maximum wellness. My staff and I are always willing to answer your question.