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How We Help You / Neural Therapy

Neural Therapy

An Injection Treatment for Pain Relief, Reduction of Scar Tissue and Energy Blockages.

This treatment is designed to repair dysfunction of the automatic nervous system, the part of the nervous system responsible for automatic functions of the body.  Neural therapy is a gentle healing technique developed in Germany.  Neuro therapy is based on the theory that any trauma, infection, or surgery can damage the autonomic nervous system and can produce longstanding disturbances in the electrochemical or electromagnetic function of tissues.

Neural therapy is an injection treatment for pain relief, reduction of scar tissue and energy blockages. It is used to help reduce muscle, nerve and joint pain as well as stimulating repair to the affected area. I have successfully used neural therapy to treat chronic pain from accidents, bursitis, and soft tissue injuries.

The procedure involves injections just under the skin (subcutaneous) with a combination of homeopathic medicine, vitamins, and local anesthetics. The number of tiny injections administered depends on the size and location of the complaint.

Neural therapy can also be used to treat scars and scar tissue. Injecting scars softens tough inflexible scar tissue and reduces adhesions. Injecting a scar acts to separate any adhesions allowing the body to reabsorb the scar tissue. Cosmetically, injecting a scar can make a very positive change.