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How We Help You / VEGA Testing

VEGA Testing

VEGA testing is a type of electro-acupuncture that is non-invasive. It was developed in Germany over years ago by a number of physicians, dentists and physicists. The German doctors recognized the value in using information from the biochemical and biophysical processes in the body. The technique was developed in 1953 by Dr Voll. It was further refined by Dr Schimmell, DDS and MD into the VEGA and the PRT. Both of which we use in our office. The testing is painless, involving no needles, or scratches. The VEGA test results are always used in conjunction with other clinical observations and tests performed by myself or a clinical assistant.

In our clinic we use the VEGA test method for testing for food, chemical, phenolics, and inhaled sensitivities as well as the condition of organs, immune system and vitamin and mineral status.

The procedure measures changes in skin resistance at an acupuncture point. We measure the response in micro amps. The change in the micro amps informs Dr. Wagstaff of the degree to which the body is impacted or stressed.

Dr. Wagstaff bases her assessment on the doctor-patient conversation, evaluation of signs and symptoms, patient history, family history, physical examination. She uses the VEGA test method to assist in the fine tuning of her assessments and treatment plans. Dr. Wagstaff tests for the compatibility of medications with all of her patients. This allows her to develop an effective, compatible and comfortable treatment plan individualized specifically for you.