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How We Help You / Phenolic Testing

Phenolic Testing

Phenolic is the general term that applies to groups of chemicals having a common molecular structure. When found in the external environment, these compounds can colour, flavour, and preserve food. Internally they are known as neurotransmitters and hormones. We have found that you can have an autoimmune like reaction to these chemicals, acting like an allergy creating a variety of symptoms.

If the source of the phenolic is external it can cause reactions to pollen, molds, chemicals, and inhalants. We may recognize this as seasonal allergies. Reactions to these phenolics can also trigger asthma or chronic rhinitis.

Reactions to your own neurotransmitters may contribute to a variety of neurological problems, mood disorders or mental health issues. Symptoms like anxiety, obsessive behavior, sleep disturbances or ADD/ADHD.

You can have reactions to your own hormones. Hormones like thyroid, estrogen, progesterone. These reactions trigger dysregulation of the endrocrine system and symptoms like PMS, hot flashes, acne or infertility.

Once we have determined which of the phenolics you react to Dr. Wagstaff can use MORA Therapy to desensitize you to the offending phenolics.