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How We Help You / MORA Therapy

MORA Therapy

MORA therapy is a German electronic modality that can be used for both testing and therapy. I mainly use it for sensitivity desensitizing. MORA Therapy is based on the principal of bio-resonance which is the measurement of electromagnetic frequencies of living organisms. In the human body, biochemical processes can be measured by the electromagnetic frequencies.  In the human body biochemical processes are controlled by the information carried by electromagnetic frequencies. The electromagnetic frequencies may be compared to but are different from and much finer than the cardiac impulses detected by electrocardiograms ECG or by brain waves electroencephalogram EEG.

Patients are connected to the device through handheld electrodes. The body’s energetic status is monitored continuously through the treatment process. The electrodes are electrodes in name only as no electricity is passed through them during the treatment. 

Small samples of the abnormal frequencies (allergens) are placed into the input cup of the MORA machine. The MORA therapy unit modifies these abnormal frequencies through a series of filters to produce normalized frequencies. The MORA machine “patterns” an electronic copy to be taken home by the patient and is taken orally once a day at bedtime.

MORA therapy is Dr.Wagstaff’s first choice of treatment for the sensitivities. I can also use it to desensitize items you might bring from your home or work environment. The treatment is 100% non-invasive, safe and pain free. It can be completed in just a few minutes while you are in the office.